Sue Fulop, Real Estate Broker

Selling Your Home

How Do I Sell My Home?

You are thinking of moving? ... or must move for variety of reasons? What steps if selling due to: estate, finances, matrimonial reasons, first time sale and many more?

Is now the best time? What can you do to improve the time it takes AND sell for more!? Should you renovate? Should you stage? What are the services of a Real Estate Sales Representative? ..... and most important what is the value of my home in today's market if selling???

"JUST ASK SUE " .... Why you ask? ...

Each of us is unique, as well as our personal circumstances and our individual homes, so the information that may apply to one person might not to the next. Do you need to sell now? Is there other options? How do the improvements and unique features of your home reflect in the value of your home in your neighbourhood? What is your timing of your move?

So to assist in this process you need the hands-on professional input and services of a real estate sales representative - Just Ask Sue.

First Step - let's chat. 519-268-3130. We can review your equity, your situation, methods to improve the sale of your home, marketing techniques and strategies, offer and negotiation strategies and of course the moving and closing process. ?

So we need to chat.

Talk soon, Sue