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Moving People is What Real Estate Service is...

Of course, real estate involves the sale of a property and/or purchase of property or two but it is more - there's you.

It is not, " Just business". You have goals, dreams, family, your needs (practical or otherwise), and desires. You want to be confident, knowledgeable and satisfied that your choices will follow the right path for your real estate needs.

This is the goal behind my mission statement that is:

"To provide the service, resources and knowledge, so that my Clients can make knowledgeable decisions that fit their needs."

It includes the marketing and skills to provide a great value for your home, in reasonable amount of time with fewest challenges.

It is much more than simply a sign on the lawn, an ad in the paper and a listing in local multiple listing service. Just Ask Sue to discover how to help with your next move.
Well Hello. Thank you for taking a peak at this site. .....Who am I? Well I'm city and I'm a country girl. I've lived both and appreciate the merits ..and cons of both. Real estate profession has been in my blood for some time - coming on two decades.

New home construction, condos, country properties, first time buyers, difficult situations and fun ones too - I have helped moved, it seems, people from all walks of life in many different situations.
Lets have a friendly chat to see if I can help you on your next move.

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